Be a part of a revolutionary genre of abstract painting using cold wax and oils! Students will learn about the products, techniques, and process, before launching into several projects. Explore this fascinating medium, as you dive into color, layering, and many of the guiding principles of art and elements of design. To take advantage of our EARLY bird specials and giveaways, be sure to sign up on our class newsletter list by clicking here. Want to learn more about working with Coldwax and Oil? FAQ's can be found here. Ready to sign up? Click HERE.

Zen Houses is a merging of two of Jodi’s most popular classes: “Zen Painting” and “Funky Little City Scapes” with new twists and turns sure to please artists at every level. the emphasis will be on creating playful compositions filled with sweet houses, tiny homes, cityscapes, cottages and more. Develop your painting and drawing skills in this contemporary and robust workshop!

In the spirit of what's at the core of creating art, this online workshop by Jodi Ohl, will truly soothe your artistic soul through a "zentastic" Painting experience. Go beyond the doodle and work on unique artist grade hard surfaces while exploring how to take your pencil, pen, inks, and acrylics to a new abstract level, using a water media approach. You'll create amazing surreal flowing shapes and patterns, full of drama and depth while guided by instructor and author, Jodi Ohl.

Dirty Flirty Birds will take you on a journey exploring 3 varieties of crazy, sassy, whimsical birds (or creatures) during this full length workshop. Whether you are new to acrylic painting or a more seasoned pro, you will enjoy the variety of techniques offered in this intensive work shop. Jodi will guide you through the basics of mixed media painting with acrylics along with using a variety of textural mediums along with collage as we build colorful, grungy, and fun “Dirty Flirty Birds".

During this course, we will cover a variety of background techniques including layering, mixing medias, color studies and product exploration before we move on to exercises to build your confidence and your composition. Color and blending are key components in the process along with doodling, layering, designing, and creating in an abstract manner.

During this action packed and fun filled class we are going to create a variety of inked up abstracts on an amazing surface which will allow you to add, subtract, draw, drip and more as you create one of a kind grungy abstract mixed media art pieces. Be ready for exhilarating exercises, bring your fearless artistic self, and come prepared for hours of grungy inky fun and creative experimentation!

Over the course of this class you will be creating both a funky cakes as well as cupcakes paintings to brighten up your home in sweetness and color. Experimenting with a variety of gel mediums and layering techniques, Jodi will walk you through the process of developing your backgrounds, adding fun textural elements then culminating with enhancing your pieces with shading as well as whimsical doodles.

A whimsical journey of creating funky owl characters that are full of texture, contemporary color combinations and cute and "doodly" designs which are infused with inspirational words and phrases. We will be working on 3-4 canvases using acrylic paint and drawing material along with other fun textural elements. Whether you are new to painting or a seasoned painter, you will no doubt enjoy this fun filled painting class that will open your eyes to another side of who you are!

Let go and experiment with a variety of mixed media painting and collage techniques as well as documenting your creative process in this course. Throughout the class, you will be immersed in building up layers and then reducing back and letting go as we create our hearty composition which will mimic encaustic work without the expense of purchasing encaustic products and tools.

In this short lesson you will learn some basic portrait drawing and painting lessons using a take on the Old Masters form of Grisaille painting.

In this course, students will be led through a fascinating process of mimicking encaustic painting by incorporating acrylic mediums, layers of collage, acrylic paint., and enhanced with light journal writing on stretched canvases.