This video workshop soothes your artistic soul through a "zen-full" painting experience. Jodi Ohl encourages you to go beyond the doodle and work on unique artist grade hard surfaces while exploring how to take your pencil, pens, inks and paints to a new abstract level. Create a colorful abstract work and make the most of a limited color palette when you order your copy today!

Creating textured and layered abstract art has never been so easy or fun. In this video worskshop Jodi Ohl will guide you through the creation of 3 abstract paintings from start to finish. Explore three different texture mediums to serve as the foundation for your art. Next, explore color, balance, line work and pattern in Jodi's exciting and experimental style. Order your copy today!


In this video, Jodi Ohl will guide you through a variety of art journaling techniques that you can then mix and match in future journal pages. Begin by making your background with several spreads in different ways including stenciling, collage and swatches of color. Next, develop these spreads with unique, stylized faces, handmade marks and personalized lettering. Order your copy today!

This video workshop will give you exciting insights about the special effects you can create in your artwork, and how to mix and match those effects to create complex-looking abstract compositions. Follow along as you work on unique YUPO® surfaces to create 3 abstract paintings that focus on different features of abstract art: color, contrast, line, pattern, and more. Order your copy today!

4 Artists + 4 Art Journaling Styles + Live Instruction = Unlimited Inspiration! Get wild and whimsical with Jodi Ohl's "Character Studies!" After learning acrylic painting techniques like glazing and veiling, you'll try your hand at creating cute characters of your choosing.

If you enjoy working with collages, this step-by-step instruction video will teach you new ideas of incorporating fun colors and mixes to add depth and prints to your collages. You will use Gelli plates as your creative base, metallic colors to water-soluble crayons, as well as different mediums and prints to discover what techniques you like the most!

Mixed media artist, Jodi Ohl, teaches you to think thoughtfully about compositions. This will not only save time when creating a piece, but will also give you new techniques and tools to make a beautiful canvas. From reusing mark-making tools to using glaze and stencils, learn how to make an expressive canvas and art journal spread!

Have you ever used baby wipes and alcohol drops on your paintings? This video will teach you fun and new ideas that will expand your artistic knowledge so you can incorporate different materials in your artwork. By working on YUPO® paper, you will learn how to create a holistic composition that features geometric shapes, bright acrylic paint, and experimental media. Discover what it means to be an abstract painter!

You may enjoy watercolor painting, but bring it to a more skillful level by using in-depth techniques, such as applying tissues, sponges, and different media to your artwork. Learn India ink details and how to best use mark-making tools. You will create floral compositions while experimenting with the dozens of ideas Ohl provides you with. Explore and have fun with your watercolor paints on YUPO® paper!